Meet Richa Jha, The India – born Model & a Prolific writer
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Meet Richa Jha, The India – born Model & a Prolific writer

One might think of models as being unrelatable- but that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to unassuming personality Richa Jha, one can reckon that she can emerge as the next big thing in the world of entertainment. There is much more to her than meets the eye. Her angelic features combined with a super slender body epitomizes what classic beauty stands for. Richa Jha is all geared up for the long run!

Here’s what you need to know about the reigning model of the moment

Eloquent and congenial, Richa with her steely eyes exudes the kind of badass determination, you can’t help but notice. Richa Jha is a Mumbai based Model, Content Creator, and Pageant Enthusiast who love to multitask and push the envelope beyond her regular work; she imparts confidence in all parts of her life.

In the Spotlight

It's not surprising to know that she started out modelling pretty early. After all, this beauty has the height, svelte appearance, and a kind of naivety from her persona, one can't miss noticing!

She started modelling by the age of 12; she was still in school at that moment. Richa completed her schooling from Ryan International School (Surat). It was a short stint that left a lasting impression on her & helped her in gaining credence, so while in college Richa Jha dove headlong into modelling while simultaneously managing her studies and got a slight tinge of fame and supermodel moment. In 2016, she decided to make the big shift to the big city- Mumbai, the land of big opportunities!

Off the Grid

Born in Godhanpur (a small village in Madhubani District of Bihar) and brought up in Surat (Gujarat). Dimpled beauty Richa Jha is deeply connected to her roots, as she fervently believes its part of her personal history. Very few people know that this strikingly beautiful model is immensely attached to her native place ‘Godhanpur’; it has left an indelible impression on her. Talking about her linguist version- She is fluent in English, Maithili, and Hindi. In fact, she talks at home in Maithili language. In her downtime, Richa Jha enjoys crooning and prancing around.

Her academic background is solid; Richa opted for science stream in high school and studied Mass Communication at the University of Mumbai, obtaining a Master’s degree in Electronic Media and graduated from Lovely Professional University with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. There’s so much more to her than breathtakingly good looks.

On the professional note, Richa Jha has proved her versatility by exploring her potential in various fields. Besides being a model, she is a professional skater, a well-rounded writer, and a decent singer with a mellifluous voice. She is a multifaceted powerhouse, unbeatable at being versatile. To make her vocal talent known to the world, she is planning to break out of her comfort zone and is ready to record her voice like a pro in a professional recording studio- Whoa, that’s huge!

Richa Jha has an age-defying appearance and a very pleasant disposition. She’s appeared in campaigns for significant brands like Shein, Fashion Fundas, AJIO, Unakku, Bunko Junko, to name but a few, also she swept several runway shows. Attagirl! At the moment, her focus is on her modelling career.

Richa’s Instagram (@richajha26) makes it more evident for her fans that she could possibly sport every look flawlessly. The future looks bright for this young Cancerian beauty.

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